Sinfulscars is working on re-opening again!

hope you’re excited as we are. 

Heads up my lovely faithful players

I am working on something extraordinary for all of us. It may mean the end to sinfulscars and the beginning to something far more better. So please do not take this as bad news. I am finishing the last touches on our new future home. I will let you all decide if you rather stay with sinful or go into the new home I am perfecting for us and future members. I also wanna apologize about my lack of being more active I just got a new job and it’s frustrating not to mention was dealing with a broken heart, but now I am pumped and ready to get this ball back to rolling. Love you all so much, you’ve all been amazing and faithful and I love & appreciate you all for that.

abisaysmeow asked: "Hey guys, i'm sorry for all the effort you put into me but i'm not feeling Abigail anymore, meaning i will leave. Thanks for having me!"

Unfollow bros

Tonight I will be posting the winners of the task (:

Can I just say though you all did wonderful.

ninjaturtletay asked: "I'm letting you know that I wont be able to get on for the next few days, possibly till next weekend depending my homework. School just got a little hectic and didn't want to make you think I was flaking out c:"


Can I just point out

If you’re in a relationship and I don’t know about it, that means it is not listed in the couples page which would also mean it does not exist. Sorry if that sounds rude and stuff, but just come on guys, it’s hard to keep up with these kinda things…, when you guy’s keep it quiet.

Please check your characters description’s and make sure all is well (: 

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